National Adaptation Fund For Climate Change (NAFCC)


"Management and rehabilitation of coastal habitats and biodiversity for Climate Change adaptation and sustainable livelihood in Gulf of Mannar, Tamil Nadu, India."

            The Department of Environment, Nodal Agency for implementing the TNSAPCC and is implementing the project on “Management and rehabilitation of coastal habitats and biodiversity for Climate Change Adaptation and Sustainable Livelihood in Gulf of Mannar in Tamil Nadu, India” funded by the Ministry of Environment, Forest and Climate Change, Government of India (MoEF&CC, GoI) under NAFCC at a cost of Rs. 24.74 crores. To build resilience among coastal ecosystems and communities through habitat recovery and improvement through sustainable livelihood development, the above captioned project has been approved by the MoEF&CC, GoI., vide Letter No.16/28/2015-CC dt.31.12.2015 under the Grants-in-Aid component of the National Adaptation Fund for Climate Change (NAFCC) with a duration of 4 Years (2016-2020) and project is under implementation in Gulf of Mannar through different implementing agencies at Tuticorin. The project activities resulted in enriched biodiversity and increased population of fish which will ensure a steady income for fishermen throughout the year. Further coral reefs will also act as barriers to coastal erosion and prevent further submergence of islands. The coral reefs were started rehabilitating and in turn increases the biodiversity in the area.

Enhancement of live coral covers provided habitat for fishes & other diverse species. The rehabilitation of sea grass ensured the habitat creation for several corals, fish and associated species which will lead to protection of islands against the impacts of climate change.

Vaan Island (Pre and post development) - Aerial views during May 2015 and Oct 2018

Vaan Island - Aerial views in May-2015

Vaan Island - Aerial views in Oct-2018