Centre for Climate Change and Disaster Management (CCCDM)


Centre for Climate Change and Disaster Management (CCCDM) is the first and lone Centre in Tamil Nadu functioning exclusively to address the climate issues through research activities. Government of Tamil Nadu has recognized CCCDM, Anna University as the nodal agency for Tamil Nadu State Action Plan on Climate Change’s (TNSAPCC) Knowledge Management Sector.

Research works in CCCDM includes developing regional climate scenario, sectoral impact and vulnerability assessments in agriculture, coastal, forest, health, and urban sector and framing adaptation strategies using IPCC scenarios. For the first time in India, it has successfully developed a very high resolution climate change scenarios of 25 Km for the entire country with the help of Hadley Centre, UK Met Office PRECIS (Providing REgional Climate for Impact Studies) software. CCCDM has supported Department of Environment (DOE), Government of Tamil Nadu for drafting State Action Plan on Climate Change (TNSAPCC) by providing future climate change data. Tamil Nadu district wise projection has also been provided to DoE, Government of Tamil Nadu. Areas specific climate data has been disseminated to various Institutions for research purposes. This is a pioneering Centre in the country to look in to the climate adaptation research in various natural resources. The Centre has reputed publication records in the area of climate analysis, climate modeling, impact analysis, adaptation and mitigation. Know more